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Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. Most days you were ecstatic for being pregnant and then again sometimes you’d snap, mostly due to your hormones being over the top. It was a bright summer morning, you awoke to the sound of birds chirping more than they usually would have been. You woke up again to find Goku not besides you and attempted to shuffle over to his side in hope of falling asleep again. No use. You pulled up your upper body strength so that you and your bump where laid upright you back against the bed frames and in almost in an instant Goku returned.
“Harumi?! Don’t you dare attempted getting out of that bed alone! ”Goku was at your service, Goku had taken every precaution necessary in his eyes to keep you safe carrying,  you down the stairs and cooking you dinner or even helping you into the bath. Goku couldn’t be more helpful. You gave a smile before attempting to move, which sent Goku into frenzy but you reassured him no harm was done.
“See” you said putting your feet into your latest slippers adorned in fluff. “No harm done!” you giggled, Goku gave a smile before you sat down by the mirror to brush your hair.
“It’s our second ultrasound today” he smiled before given you a kiss on your cheek and taken his white vest off and pyjama pants. “I’m going to get a shower care to join?” he whispered you chuckled once more
“Goku im pregnant don’t expect to be getting any…”
“Im just suggesting Harumi we won’t be allowed to do all this when the little one comes” He laughed before he walked off to the bathroom. The sight of Gokus nakedness made you blush. You knew you had to get ready though and quickly changed. Hospitals had always frightened you but the fear of anything sharp also. The last time you had been administrated to the hospital was the day of your car crash. Also the day of death of your parents. You stopped for a minute your minute returning back to the death of them, your hairs began to stick on their ends. The things you had seen haunted you. You never wanted your child to witness such things and you swore that it never would. But at least this time it was for a much better reason. You quickly changed and made your way downstairs to the kitchen and made breakfast for yourself. You had not done this in a long time due to Goku being ever so protective of you, it was ever so kind of him also but you knew sometimes you had to do your own things. Once you had fully eaten your breakfast and prepared yourself for the hospital, Goku came waltzing down the stairs in his usual excited mood.
“C’mon let’s go!” he eagerly spoke as he came down the stairs and bolted next to you and gave you a kiss on your forehead. You knew he had forgotten one of the most important things. His breakfast. He must have been ever so eager to get to the hospital he had forgotten all about food! Even this puzzled you. You both decided not to take the car but went for a stroll instead. You had been cramped inside for the last few days with backache. It was a relief to be finally outside, even if a few people raised an eyebrow at your eyes when they saw them. You just brushed them off, as you could not be bothered what other thought, you were the happiest girl in the world and nothing would change that. After a brisk hour of walking as well as messing around on the way there you arrived, It was quiet which was unusual, well, that was until you arrived with Goku who was sure to liven up the place.
“Gosh harumi, it seems all so serous in here” He exclaimed, observing his surroundings. You sighed at his accusation but proceeded to walk towards the reception before answering him.
“Goku it’s a hospital” You smirked, he did the same back .You guessed he knew you hated hospitals, after all, he did know everything about you. The receptionist informed you that you had little time to wait, you and Goku found refuge on one of the waiting couches. It didn’t take long for Goku to start a conversation again.
“So if it’s a girl… can I name her?” Goku spoke to you, his eyes never losing connection from yours. You cooed at his cuteness.
“I thought I was going to name the girl Goku” you smiled, he thought about it before replying.
“Well at first I wanted to name the baby if it was a boy but… I want the girl to be a daddy’s girl!” He beamed down at you causing you to giggle slightly. You placed a hand over your bump and rubbed it gently, every time your rubbed the bump a sense of excitement grew inside you and caused you to feel even happier.
“Well I guess if it’s a boy it’s going to be a mommy’s boy then!” you grinned back at him, once gain he thought about this, he ran his hand through his jet black hair before replying with an answer
“I suppose so but I’ll have to train him” he winked down at you, you couldn’t deny you wanted your son to grow up just like his farther. Soon after Goku had finished this sentence, a woman with Light bubble-gum pink hair made her way towards you, a clipboard in hand. Both you  and Goku raised to attention, it would of made sense as you two were the only people in the waiting room. She raised her head up from what seemed like endless notes and gave a smile.
“Ah Miss Harumi” the girl spoke “And I’m guessing this is your partner?” She grinned at Goku, yet Goku looked like he wanted to run out of the hospital. He had defiantly gotten the nerves. You gave a nod since Goku was not going to give an answer. It was a surprise also that he wants wearing his Ki, he seemed to have known it would be bet appropriate to wear normal clothes.
“Well in that case follow me if you will” the bubble-gum haired lady began to walk, you had to almost tug Goku with you to get him moving or otherwise he would of made a run for it home.
Its been soo long since i put a Goku chapter up im soo sorry :( im struggling with alot of my coursework its all getting on top of me hence why there hasnt been as many updates on things as usual, sorry bout that D:
This is my Birthday present for :iconbttbabe2292:
:party: :party: :party: :squee: :squee: :squee:

:bulletpurple:Sorry for any spelling mistakes:bulletpurple:
:bulletpurple: sorry for you being called harumi :bulletpurple:
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Gohangirl1996 Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2016
Update please soon
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Thank you for mentioning me. and thanks for the happy birthday. awesome chapter.
kirstenxoxox Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2015  Student
No problem and aww glad you liked it :squee:
BTTBabe2292 Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2015
^_^ No one has done a shout out to me in a long time. So I appreciate it a lot
kirstenxoxox Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2015  Student
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BTTBabe2292 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2015
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lol cute! can't wait for the next one, but don't worry about this so much as school! school is more important! :)
kirstenxoxox Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2015  Student
Awww im glad you liked it :squee: and ill try :D
TadaKari Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
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kirstenxoxox Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2015  Student
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