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By this point your head was laid on Filis warm chest his arm wrapped around your shoulder as you talked endlessly about the stupidest of things, you’d laugh about how you’d once got your hair caught in a branch and how Fili had to try unknot it with Kili which resulted in the cutting of your hair. The time Dis had caught you and the brothers drawing on the walls. That was until you were interrupted by Kili who didn’t think twice about knocking.
“Well would you look at these two” he smirked leaning against the drawers in his usual attire. Fili rose up from the bed instantly at the sight of his younger sibling entering the room.
“Kili” you Replied in anger knowing he had caught you and Fili in embrace. Fili scorned at his brother  he noticed the pair of socks at the side of the bed, you saw the mysterious  grin grow on his face and before you knew it the pair of socks had landed on the floor besides Kili. Kili remaining in his stupid excuse of a defensive stance
“Mothers here Fili, and so yours Nalola don’t worry they won’t come up yet, just pre warning you lovebirds” He laughed Fili moved your head back onto the pillow before standing up out of his bed and walking over to Kili.
“Don’t tell me” He raised an eyebrow at his brother whose smile just grew bigger and bigger.
“It was Thorin brother!” he Replied quickly in fears his brother was going to start arguing with him but Kili quickly scampered out of the room. Fili shut the door and wondered back over to you.
“Sorry about that” Fili spoke before proceeding to open up the curtains and observe the weather “Looks like a miserable day, gives me more of an excuse to stay inside next to you” He smiled returning back to his spot you flinched a bit when the quilt brushed your leg.Filis face filled with worry “I really hope it heals soon” He spoke gently moving towards you. “ I can get closer more then” he spoke softly returning back to his usual position of him laying ever so closely next to you. He almost looked as if he was going to go in for another kiss that was until he heard his mother shout him.
“Fili! ”His mother called down from what sounded like the bottom of the stairs. He rolled his eyes and carefully removed himself from his bed
“I’ll be right back beautiful” he spoke as he ran off downstairs. The word he called you made your heart flutter and made you smile from ear to ear. You had to say that your first kiss went much better then expected you had stolen Filis first kiss and he had stolen yours. This made your smile even more contently. Then you saw the door creak open ever so slightly your mother pranced in with a smile on her face her hair had seemed to have gotten longer in the night of which you had seen her.
“Oh look at you!” she cooed and saw the opportunity to grab a stool and sit by your side. “All wounded huh what was it this time?” She smiled you couldn’t help but attempt one back at your mother for once after all she did seem in a better mood than usual.
“Just messing around Mother” you spoke “ just twelve stitches aha” you laughed as you moved yourself up in to an upright position to speak to your mother.
“Twelve!” Her hazel eyes seemed to fill up with shock she must of thought it wasn’t that bad “Show me later when I bring your clothes round, Thorin says that it is not best for you to go home yet” Your mother spoke in her reassuring voice when the door creaked open you found a surprised Fili hidden behind the door holding a cup of some sort in his hand. You cracked a smile at his surprise he seemed ever so cute and innocent when he was surprised.
“Ah Fili Thank you so much for looking after Nalola! ”Your mother beamed at Fili this even shocked Fili himself causing his eyes to trail to yours in confusion of your mothers outburst.
“No problem Mrs Tinori Nali was Braver than anything” Fili reassured your mother his eyes seemed to always dart back to you. Each time making you more and more wanting him to return to his spot next to you.
“Well I best go get your clothes Nalola” Your mother stood up quickly and moved the chair from beneath her and placed it to the right side of Filis wardrobe. “Thank you for everything Fili just try make sure she doesn’t roll outta bed” Your mother mumbled to Fili before leaving the room she closed the door behind her Fili crouched down next to you. His room was only small it had seemed that Kili had gotten the bigger room but then again it had seemed larger when you were less of age; then again doesn’t everything?
“That was unexpected” Fili chuckled as he blew on the hot substance in the cup “My mother made this for you, hot chocolate” he smiled. Your face lit up it had least been a year since you had drank hot chocolate. You and your mother couldn’t afford the luxuries of this as you worked hardly often and your mother none at all. Fili noticed how this caused you to indulge in the moment and took the opportunity to kiss you on the cheek as you drank the delicious molten drink. You smiled even more when you had noticed the sly kiss Fili had planted on your cheek which caused them to become a light sunset pink
“You have got to stop being Incredible you know that right?” you smiled passing your mug to Fili offering him to drink out of it, he took a sip before answering you, a grin on his face.
“You made me this way” he smirked as he walked over to the window and looked outside for a quick moment.

No one interrupted the two of you for about two hours. You both just sat and talked endlessly about the craziest of things. Fili was constantly worried about your leg and how it was fairing he was surprised to see that it was healing much better. The morning turned into midday as the pair of you lay in bed endlessly talking about the world and your memories engrossed in your own little world that was until your mother interrupted followed by Kili. Fili sat right up in an instant and jumped out of bed before anyone could see he was next to you. You giggled a bit at his sudden quickness as Kili waltzed into the room.
“Right first things first” He spoke looking at Fili “Nalola has  got to get out of them bloodied clothes” Kili mumbled to Fili as your mother came in Clutching at least twenty items of clothing she placed the clothes on the end of the bed and began to converse with the brothers.
“I’ll be helping her, thank you boys” Your mother almost pushed Kili out of the way with her arm you knew this was unintentional.
“But miss Tinori she’s going to need extra hands to get her out of bed or even walk” Kili spoke to your mother. Your mother turned around as though she was going to say something smart but instead crouched down to your level
“Even funnier”You spoke to your mother.
“Cmon boys I may have fought of the fair amount of orcs in my youth but I’m in my old age now give me a hand with Nalola here” Your mother smiled as though she had wanted them to help from the start even with her mild protest. You moved your leg slowly avoiding letting your body put any pressure onto it at all, it felt extremely bruised as you did so you managed to reach the end of the bed when Fili took over. He gave you an look of concern before mumbling some words.
“Right arm over my shoulder okay Nali? ”He spoke softly every word seemed to soothe your nerves. You gave a nod and swung your arm around his neck. He then almost instantly scooped his arms underneath you and pulled you away from your bed of safety. You gave a hiss when your leg decided to move ever so lightly. Fili frowned deeply as he looked at your thigh.
“Good work Fili” you mother beamed as she found herself opening the door to the bathroom and revealing a stool already place there. Fili dropped you down so you were firmly placed onto the stool. Fili left without saying a word followed by his brother. The door slammed shut, it made you very uneasy to be away from Fili. It made you almost unsafe.
“I brought your favorites” Your mother chuckled “Green tunic with some brown pants and I also brought this little thing” Your mother pulled out a tony brown leather half corset.You'd bought it ages ago so long-ago you couldn’t remember you’d be surprised if it went around your waist now.
“Thanks ma, but I do think I can get changed myself” You spoke half-heartedly as you store down at your blood stained trousers. The Bathroom was dimly lit with a huge black bath which lay against the far end of the stone wall.
“Oh dear don’t..” Your head swivered round quickly as your mother talked, stopping her mid-sentence, she knew what the answer was “alright alright, im different now mother!” she mocked as she brought the bucket filled of steam towards you and began to head towards the door “shout me if you need any help dear” she shut the door behind her as she left the bathroom.

At first you checked your surroundings as you usually did with any room of another, you felt so helpless as you sat on the wooden stool beneath you.You began to take your mucked shirt off first and slowly untied your bandages which endorsed your breasts. You may sure your leg didn’t move an inch, to your surprise your mother had put many bandages in instead a poor excuse of a brassiere, You store down at the pile of folded clothes for a moment but decided to continue to wash yourself with the soap of which was in the bucket. Once you had cleaned your upper body you dressed yourself in the clothes of which had been offered to you. This was the easy part now you had to test your pain threshold.  Quickly you untied the small laces which held up your trousers and pulled them down to your hips revealing your underwear which was fine but then the blood ridden part came along. Your trousers almost stuck to the wound like glue you gave it a tug to get it away which caused you gash your teeth however in a split moment it was over you had managed to remove your trousers. You smiled gently, for now no pain. You chose it better to use the flannel to wash your wound. The dried blood and hideous stitches made you cringe even worse when you had to clean it. There wasn’t a lot of pain just a slight bruising sensation as you ran the flannel over it. You cleaned it till the cringe worthy blood had disappeared then you chose to attempt to stand up. You moved your right leg up first for support followed by your left leg. This made you groan as almost instantly the numbing pain began again. You cursed silently to yourself as the pain numbed your hip that was until you realised you where stood up. You let out a small laugh until you realised the full extent of your scar.
Ive got so much to submit regarding this story but due to my art final exam coming up looks like im going to have to focus a bit on that :(
I owe some people drawings i know and dont worry ill get them done its just all this courseworks getting a bit to my head :cries:
But as i promise they SHALL BE DONE :D
Anyway back to this chapter
So Nanolas still staying at the Durin line residence with a surprise visit from her mother.
Looks like things are hotting up between Nanola and Fili but shes injured :o Looks like they're going to have too keep it cool for now that is until her thigh improves :giggle:

:bulletred: Sorry for any spelling mistakes :bulletred:
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