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Fili and Kili trudged down the stairs to their mother who was quietly cooking dinner; they looked around the room eagerly to find no uncle. They looked towards their mother in hope she would provide the answer.
“He’s gone out boys, don’t worry he’s gone to get some medical ointments for Nalola, it might help her out a bit” Dis turned and faced her two sons, who had taken haven in their usual spots on the table. Fili face was full of concern, his mother noticed this almost instantly.
“Oh fili” Dis walked away from the stove and walked towards her son and placed a reassuring hand onto his “She’ll be fine okay don’t worry about her too much my son” she spoke gently. “You know what you should do?” is spoke gleaming “Go fetch her something she’ll adore, foods a good place to start” she laughed “That gets any women” She chuckled. Filis face had lightened up and dropped the burden of worrying slightly, his mother spoke softly “We know how you feel for her Fili, Don’t be afraid to show it” She smiled at her son, who gave her a half-hearted smile back ,This must of run in the family, however his face was still shrouded in worry. Much alike his Uncles face most of the time.

You had just about managed to change yourself and stand up. You checked yourself in the mirror first, before braiding off two sections of your hair and bringing it to the back of which you tightened the braids with some elasticated ribbon. You had a quick look at your leg; everything seemed to be normal at least, that’s when a thought ran through your mind. “Will I walk?” you thought to yourself silently as you attempted to move your right leg but yet there was still a bruising pain, which caused your leg to numb every time you moved it, causing mammoth pain. You gritted your teeth as you attempted to walk toward the door but struggled as the sting like sensation took control of your hip and caused you to freeze. You thought for a moment to shout out for your mother but you didn’t want her you wanted someone who had overcome your mind lately.
“Fili” You shouted into the emptiness and waited for a response but received none you wondered if he had heard you “Fili!” you shouted louder which was followed by a very quick run up the stairs.
“Whats wrong?” He spoke from behind the door you could tell he was leaning against it as the door seemed to move slightly.
“Its fine, Come in please” You spoke, he slowly propped open the door and swung it open to find you standing up his jaw almost dropped and his misty eyes were full of concern.
“Nali, what in the name of Durin are you doing!” he  almost shouted in shock, as he saw you standing up “You’re going to strain your leg” He protested, trying to persuade you to sit back down on the stool, which had been presented to you early. You giggled at his shock, you didn’t know why you did but it must have been your heart which had caused you to.
“I’m fine Fili its just I want to walk” You giggled once again as he store in confusion. A grin grew on his face one you hadn’t seen before, he just moved closer to you and in a swift second lifted you off your feet and into his arms. You couldn’t help but once again laugh, but one thing was for certain this time there was no pain which lead your mind to travel elsewhere for a second. Fili carried you back to his room and laid you out on his bed, you objected by sitting up and attempting to stand up but Fili was having none of it and pushed you gently down to the bed playfully. You laughed for a while until you knew there was no escape. Fili stared at you for a moment his hands placed against your shoulders, a smile plastered across his face as he leant over and kissed your forehead which sent you spiraling into a world of your own.
“I’ll let you walk when Thorins back okay?” he spoke softly “I’ll go sort all your stuff out nali” he smiled as he left the room closing the door slightly behind him. You heard two mumbled voices from behind that door then you saw the raven haired women appeared with piercing jet blue eyes, of which you wished you had.
“Heard you tried walking sweetie” she cooed as she came over to you, you sat up almost instantly, her grace almost overtook you for a moment. “I know what you must feel like not been able to walk it must be horrible like a bird not being able to fly” she smiled, as she offered to help you get tucked into Fili’s bed
“It is I just want to walk and fend for myself its horrible Dis” you spoke as you maneuverer your way into the quilt. Dis was surprised by how pain free you felt even though you had just had the wound cut yesterday.
“No need to mask the pain” she spoke as she tucked you in at the sides “It will attack you sooner or later if you mask it its best to realize it if anything” Dis had always been good with words. Wise words too, your mother could be harsh with her words sometimes, Dis seemed like your second mother.
“I don’t want to be too weak” you smirked “But it does hurt Dis” You spoke as she sat down on the Stool besides you. She was wearing a green dress today, embellished in gold thread. You two laughed about the colour scheme of today’s clothing. A smile slyly grew on her face after the laughter, you knew what was coming.
“I truly did hope that Fili would confess to you” You smiled, you couldn’t help but blush, Thorin had obviously told your mother and Dis, at least it wasn’t as embarrassing as talking to your mother who would be asking for every detail “I’ve never seen him lit up like this before when he’s around you, I know I may be getting a bit personal but you do..”
“Of course I do Dis” you giggled “I hid that secret for a very long time much alike Fili” you giggled. The blue eyed mother smiled almost gleaming at you. You could easily see why she was a princess.
“Don’t worry we’ll keep it quiet” she smiled “I’ll leave you and Fili alone” she smirked “I promise but I cannot guarantee your mother will keep out of it” She couldn’t help but talk you noticed how she wanted to learn more and more about you and Fili. You couldn’t blame her; after all it was her son. “But a quick question what would you like for tea seems like you’ll be taking residence here for a few nights” You thought for a moment but replied with a quick answer of anything, Dis laughed at the response, the mother stood up and walked over to the door. She swept her head around to you and spoke “Oh I almost forgot” she walked closer to you   “I’ll try not embarrasses you aha “ she laughed and left the room.Dis had always been like a second mother to you, when your mother wasn’t there, Dis always was. Both yours and filis mother had lost their husbands to battles, a heartbreak which could not be filled. Yet they strived on, a thought blew through your mind about Fili and what may happen. It caused you to shiver; the thought of him not alive was too much to think about. The strength of your mother was far beyond you had imagined. Both had the strength above imagination.

Fili had been gone for over thirty minutes now you were starting to fall asleep in his room once again and dreamt of your little world, until when you were woken up by a faint voice.
“Nali?” a soft voice spoke you lifted your head from the pillow to find a Fili clutching some clothing and a small leather satchel. He gazed in awe as you woke up tiredly giving a small yawn before turning to face him. His presence made you instantly awake.
“I helped your mother with some shopping sorry for the lateness” he spoke bringing your clothes to the drawers and placing them above them just under the painting “plus she wanted some more clothes for you hence all this, oh and the porridge for the morning” he laughed, before coming to sit on the empty spot in the bed of which you had not inhabited. You closed your eyes and for a split moment you felt his lips meet your forehead once more as he lay down with you. Not under the covers, but just above the quilts, you applauded his speed. You felt an urge to pull him underneath but chose not to in case of it causing strain to your injury
“What time is it Fili” you yawned stretching your arm out, almost causing it to hit the brick wall.that would of not been the cleverest ideas, but then again you hadn’t made the clever idea of checking your surroundings.
“My guess is round about late afternoon, after all you did not wake up to late morning Nali” he did not hesitate to reply. You couldn’t really consider it a day wasted after all, it was a day with the one you longed for the most. Fili.
“Looks like you don’t have anything to sleep in” Fili turned to face you his eyes filled with happiness you guessed he was trying to flirt again.
“Fili best to walk before we can run hmm?”You laughed; he laughed also knowing that he did not intend the question to be in other context. You liked it though it made your mind spin slightly.
“But you see Nali”He smirked “I’ve been walking for years and year and I’ve only just started to run and chase” he smiled softly your heart almost melting as he did so. You blushed at the way he had chosen his words. He truly had. “Don’t worry I was not  hinting anything aha but if you want something” he smirked.You knew you had to do a bit of talking back, after holding it in all these years you had to.
“Well Fili I’ll let you know” you smirked as well. Kili didn’t falter to interrupt, his face was full of mischief as per usual, as he burst open the door. Fili turned around in disgust at his brother.

“What do you want for tea!” he gleamed at you as he chose is brother as an object to lean on Fili moved out of his way causing him to tumble slightly.
“Anything” you laughed at the two, for a slight moment there you had been transported back to your childhood, the things you would have changed if you knew what you knew now.
“Well Me and Fili are having Bacon I’m sure you’d like some” He spoke giving a wink to his brother who just rolled his eyes and sat back down onto the bed in his reserved spot.
“Thanks Kili I might be asleep though” you sat up as you spoke and spotted the perfect opportunity and pulled Fili down with your arms. You missed the ability to have a play fight and you saw it as the perfect opportunity to get into one. “Someone’s getting weak hmmm” You joked as he tried to get up from the pressure you where applying to his shoulders. Kili laughed and left the room shutting the door behind him, the courtship of which you and Fili where going through must of made him uneasy. You realized grip off his shoulders for a moment and he bounced straight back up.
“Not bad for a wounded” he laughed, almost delving into the sheets of which you lay. You moved onto your wounded side to prove something to him. The pain was hardly there. For a moment his eyes filled with worry then with confusion.
“Whos wounded now hm? You spoke, he edged closer to you. He looked into your soul for a moment gazing at your emerald eyes as he did so, he then chose to gaze at your pure snow white streak. He took the strand from your hair and played with it, his hands being endlessly  gentle, then he placed it back with the rest of your hair of which his hands combed through. You couldn’t hold back any longer you moved closer to his body for once you could feel the heat of him warming your body up as you did so. His eyes still the misty blue they always had been where now in confusion. But you couldn’t hold back any longer it had only been a few hours from the moment you had kissed him but yet you earned for more.
“Oh for Durins sake” Fili mumbled and grasped your head gently his hands and pulled it towards his lips. His lips were the sweetest and reassuring thing in the world. You were left breathless once again almost grasping for air but never wanting to stop you felt yourself move closer towards him till you were cut off by the pinching like pain in your leg. Fili noticed this before you did and retracted his lips almost instantly to check if you were fine you let out a giggle at his concerned face as he checked your leg. You admired how concerned he was for you, how couldn’t you of noticed before?
“Sometimes I want it to heal quicker and sometimes I don’t” he spoke softly his hand caressing your cheek causing you to smile ever so gently “I want you to be better but I want you to stay here with me” He mumbled as he stroked your cheek soothingly “ It’s like heaven Nali I don’t wanna move or walk away from you I just want to stay here forever” The words caused your body to almost tremble as he spoke, you had never heard such words before in your life. Your heart fluttered with every word he spoke, the desire to besides him had grown and grown until you had begun to laugh and smile at every move he made.You should of known! You should of noticed the signs and confessed to him yourself.

With the Evening drawing in ,the two of you where inseparable, you had  fallen asleep on Filis warm fire like chest.It  was as though Christmas had come early even when Thorin returned He dare not split the two of you apart, he just gave his famous half-hearted smile at his nephew and yourself. Nobody had even entered the room. Fili had woken up once or twice to keep an eye on you and collect some fur covers to keep you warm as the sun died down. Sometimes he would just gaze at the girl he had on his chest, full of beauty and extraordinary things.He began to Comb his hand through your deep brown hair, almost as if he was soothing you asleep. He gently lifted your head off his chest and carefully placed it on a pillow whilst he changed and blew the dying lights out in his room. Then he returned to your side placing you carefully back to the place where you so rightfully belonged. In his arms.
Whoo back again at last!
Ive really missed uploading :(
However my final piece for my art exam is over! I have time to actually relax now but god there some hell of exams coming up soon 0.o
I have been typing up for ages now and expect a lot more soon hopefully in the next few days so stayed tuned!
Things are going to get heated in the next few chapters ehehe just a little prewarning ;D and her theigh is improving
:bulletred: Sorry for any spelling mistakes :bulletred:
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