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Hey guys im typing this off my phone sorry for spelling mistakes
but as the title says
My computer broke down after i dowloaded a game
which apparently was perfectly fine of a decent indie webiste
it literally is death
So I have just finshed about 20 exams YAY! only to discover i have an art exam Tuesday for 5 hours and a spanish and history one on wednesday!
Poop i know :(
So im sorry for no updates and please please guys keep waiting!
I know i owe people art i am truly sorry but as soon as i get my computer fixed i shall return!
Im just very tired lately doesnt help i have to be up early tomorrow to but in the meanwhile
but thanks for being patience guys you'll see me around soon :D

So yes i have hardly uploaded anything in a while due to my coursework

Yes i say this alot but its my final year and i cant afford to not keep up to date!
Any way heres my major list of things to do:
Hannibal lecture:iconfuriarossaandmimma:
GotenX Valese:iconiki-fujisaka:
Mayu and Yamchas House
GotenXreader(done but edditing)
Zoki new drawing style :iconchrisolian:
Mayu new drawing style (At last i have a new one yay!)
And other than that major coursework and my BIRTHDAY :D :D :D :D
So i apollogize for the incovince and i will be with you shortly i promise

Also i would like to hear your opinions on any of my work!Your opinion Matters seriously if you want to add an Oc to a story or let me draw them let me know!Honestly you dont have to pay for nothing :D

Other than that i hope you are all having a nice day!

Hey im doing requests at the minute so feel free to pop in a request if you like :3
be warned though as I have coursework etc and other stuff to do it may take a while sorry.I have Three slots at the moment comment if you would like one
1. :icontempestvortex:SuntoXPan
2:iconfuriarossaandmimma: Hannibal Lecter               
3:iconjagoman169: OC: Charlotte
For all those waiting for requests I have a slight issue I have some Mock Exams coming up and as a result I am mainly focusing on my Spanish and History so I am sorry if it takes a while guys but they will be surely done
Thank you

Even more Edit:

1. :icontempestvortex:SuntoXPan Status: Completed but more detail
2:iconfuriarossaandmimma: Hannibal Lecter Status:Not yet started               
3.:iconjagoman169: Charlotte Status: Completed
4.:iconiki-fujisaka: GotenXValese Status:Not yet started
I have returned well kind of ...
I am curently typing this on a tablet so as you can guess the internet is down once again,
As a result of that i may be not that up to date on my X readers however i can assure you they are typed XD but carrying the usb to  the libary and uploading takes hours grr plus if theres a lemon :3
Also i may begin to upload drawings, i am very consious of this as my Drawing style differs from every drawing but i guess every artist on here started a bit like i started.I
d love to upload some of my realistic work but once again THE LIBARY OF DOOM
I have deleted loads of all junk because times have changed and i cant believe the grammer of some stuff XD so sorry  to yous
I seriously want to change my name but hey-ho.
Coursework is getting worse and worse i spend round about 3-4 hours on a sculpture that i am working on everyday ;(
In the meanwhile thank you for your patience and kindness
And leave a commment below if you can think of a good deviantart name for me aha
Bye :D
THE INTERNET IS BACK :squee: :squee: :squee:
Anyway guys do you have either a 3ds or 2ds comment with your friend codes below and ill add you :3
dont worry ill comment with my friend code back aha

So first of all guys

*I have no internet connection on my computer

*I have no internet connect akl Wi-Fi on my phone ._.

* I have having to use my 2ds ( they are amazing animal crossing new leaf is like asghgshsgshshh )

And it has taken 5 hours for this journal page to load :o

I know guys I am extremely sorry I really am due to very very very annoying internet connection I am unable to upload anything until hopefully mid February so guys hold on a bit longer on for me okay ehe im very sorry guys :(

In the meantime I am currently working on my own art style as well as doing 'Sketch 'a' Day' inspired by KatSketch on YouTube shes great go check her out !  were I draw/Sketch something everyday.Tumblr has also been effected by this internet shortage :( plus the fact I have no way of contacting anyone outside except for messaging them via carrier Pigeon (its a joke tehe) but it would be great even to use pigeon its been that bad.I believe you may of heard off the flood in the south of England at the moment hopeful as far as I am aware they have stopped but unfortunaly I was *nearly caught in them on the way back from my Christmas holidays! Talking about Christmas how was your chirstmas and new years!

Oh and happy new year tehe!

Well guys im hoping you can last a bit longer till im back but in the meantime I hope you have a Great week !

Bye :D

Im sooo sorry guys that i have been away for a long time :( my wi fi for my computer has gone down and as an result i havw.not been able to upload anything for the past week.Im sorry guys im still typing them though dont worry aha but thank you for your patience. oh and i gope you had an amazing christmas ehe and a happy new year :D to you all !!! Well guys thank you for your patience :)
so guys the reason i have been off her for a while is due to a big upcoming spanish GSCE exam
and me being me im going to have to really focus on that :iconcryforeverplz:
so im extreamly sorry if i do not upload this week i really am:(
thanks for being patient guys ! :D

so some secrets about my OC's ehe first up


1. Her eyebrow piercing represents her role in the lower race on Zeru as an Slave
2.Her hair is Light brown, from her mother, and under her fringe is a tiny widows peak like Vegeta :D
3.She has thousands of scars on her backs from being a slave some only a few months old other years
4.She loves water as it was her youngest memory was being able to swim in the river before her farther left :(
5.She is not very good at writitng due to the lack of education but is well gifted in singing :D
6.Herhorrifying experiance as a slave has left Lillia very mentally damadged sneek peak next chapter
"so Lillia, it must of been hard about your life on Zeru?" bulma questions Lillia placing the flannel to her blood ridden forehead.
" i guess so i mean well im scared of anything that could harm anyone, i want to protect people, ive seen what a person with great power can do and how it can destory you, feel empty inside i guess, No escape, constantly trying to run but with the end of the corrdior filled with daggers" Lillia sighned an winced at the ice cold flannel
"are you sure you dont want some you know help with what you had to go though tell Goten maybe ?" Bulmas faced tunred to a very conserned look
"I dont want him to worry about silly old me aha nobody need to know what i went through ...."  '


1.CHOCOLATE XD  she loves chocolate, hot chocolate milk choclate you name it
2. A strip of her hair is dyed  black for Goku :la:
3. Her parents died in a car crash and as a result she has a small scar up her waist
4.She has just been engadged to Goku!!
5.she has a pet hate for people with no respect :(
6. sneak peek at coming chapters

 " ah! " Harumifell to the ground cluthing her eye " My eye" she shouted in perial, goku ran to her side
"Hes going to pay i swear!!!" his hands turned to fists as he tried to get a hold of harumis eye,she dropped down her hands as goku held them ever so tightly " Harumi your iris is gone!!!!" he struggled to find the words, confused and angry atr the what the foul creature had to to her Perfect face, her ever so blue Iris had vanished '

Tagged by :iconlonglovevegeta:

1. Why are you filling out this tagged?

Becuase :iconlonglovevegeta: is amazing :la:

2. What is the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you?
i honestly cant rememeber im that clumsy to be fair, um probably ski-ing in cananda and singing head cha la at the top of my lungs :3

3. If you could meet anyone in the world, who would it be?
Trunks is just ahghgsgshghshsghsggshhgshg and yeah
Gokus the same i think i would steal both of them and hide them :3

4. What makes your favorite character worthy of your fandom?
Becuase he saves pretty much the whloe of dragonball i mean no goku without Trunks  he saved gokus life!
but then again no vegeta no Trunks :iconcryforeverplz:

5. If you could choose any superpower, what would it be?
To be Sayian or to be like thor :3

my questions for you

1. Whos youre fav. OC?
2.Goku or Vegeta?
3.Pick an Avenger and why?
4.If you have some OC's whos your Fav. OC of yours and why?
5.Battle of Z comes out soon ! :la:
I tag!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stolen from

RosyInk :3

Choose a fandom and I will tell you:
  1. Favourite Female:
  2. Favourite Male:
  3. 3 Other Favourite Characters:
  4. 3 OTPs:
  5. Notp: 
  6. Funniest character:
  7. Prettiest character:
  8. Most Annoying Character:
  9. Most badass character:
  10. Character I'd like as my BFF:
  11. Female Character I'd Marry:
  12. Male Character I'd Marry:
  13. Character I hate/dislike/least like   

so guys comment with your Fandoms XD

go drop evrything and run to you're nearest cinema quick!
your honestly missing out big time
 photo tumblr_m8co0dU17X1ql6hki-1.gif
and its a really good film!
Anyway im sorry i havent uploaded any new chapters yet :(
my coursework is driving me crazy :( so ill try my best guys aha
but i will upload soon ;)
so guys sorry to state the obvious but its my birthday
but im  off to see rush at last with yummy chris hemsworth and my friends
told me they bought something DBZ realted
I hope its trunks or goku wrapped up :3
but yeah
and boy its been one hetic week aha
but im glad its my birthday

so after many MANY attempts at various drawings Of objects celebrities, marvel DB etc. I found my own drawing style!!!!!!!!!

so i was sat scrolling through my Tumblr and i was like, hey i should draw Harumi since nobody knows alot about Harumi ill give it ago.
I decided not to draw Dragonball traditional eyes but to add a bit more anime to them.
I am happy to say im pleased with the resuluts :D
I think finally my art teacher will be pleased that ive found my own style
she had been telling me to draw something evrerynight until i found a drawing style of my own and yay!
Back to reality I've typed up the Goten Xreaders :squee:
hawkeyeXreader nealry there :iconssbrolylaplz:
And so are the rest aha but yeah
people been asking me alot lately

'Kirsten why are you so positive about things?'

well heres what i live by
1. smile. theres nothing better than  i smile, Its youre secret Weapon,It confuses people oh and Smile and the people you dislake they'll be easily comfused
2.Try and see the best in people.I try and do this and it works out well for me except a few people which are hopeless (they dislake me meh)
3.Think positve.Nothings better, when your sat at work school, etc think Its going to be time to go home soon i can do this
4.Believe.I have a sign next to me saying 'Believe,Things happen for a reason just beliive, i live by that.
5.Confidence.Dont think urgh i cant do this, Think i can and i will
6. Look to the Future.Whenever i feel down im like Hey,I'll get all my Grades i need ill have a brillant Job and im going on Holiday to Japan with my friends !

So guys dont think Negative :D , i have Mild Aniexity and becuase of me thinking like this i havent had a Panic attack in Three months !

 bye guys

:iconbardocklaplz: :icongokulaplz: :iconbulmalaplz: :icongohanlaplz: :iconkrillinlaplz: :icontrunkslaplz: :iconvegetalaplz: :iconpiccololaplz:


yesh i met him he is amzing and awesome
i went to meet him at a comic shop  (pst forbidden planets better XD its were i work aha  )
we qued for three hours 1-4 ish
we got in i had tons of things for him to sign
Soo yeah had a great day to be fair and also


a piece of art work everynight for a year -____-
my hands are hurting alot guys -_-
i'll get up the stuff he signed and some more drawings aha
bye guys :D

I was tagged by :iconchrisolian:


1) You must post the rules
2) You have to say five things about yourself in the journal
3) Answer the questions the tagger set for you and create five new questions.
4) You have to choose ten to tag and post their icons in this journal
5) Go to their page and tell them you tagged them
6) No tag backs.
7) No stuffing in tag section "if u read this your tagged", legitimately tag someone.

*  love dragonball aha and Avengers

* i have clicky hip syndrome and yes that is a real snydrome google it :)

* im an eighth italian :D

* my idol is walt disney audrey hepburn and marlyn monroe

*I hope to go to japan in the future for a hoilday

1)Do you like pie?
yesh i do espically apple pie with custard nom nom nom
2)Have you ever thrown a pie at someone's face?
no aha but id love to :3
3)Do you think chihuahuas are evil?
hmm not really but they can be sometimes
4)Do you think tires are a part of a good breakfast?
HELL yeah
5)What would you do if you had the ability to eat grass? XD
EAT grass :P

my questions for you ;D
1) fav. Character
2) what song defines you?
3)what is to the left of you?
4)ITS raining !!!!
5) morning person?

I tag :

1.My favourite. song
Well it would have to be goo goo dolls iris i love that song so much and the second when you were young the killers i ove the meaning of it, i have alot of fav songs
2.Whose your celebrity Crush
1.CHRIS HEMSWORTH ahasalkhdhadogjh hes perf
2.Jeremey renner
3.Tom hidlleston
3.Anime crush?
TRUNKS hes perfect
 followed by probably goku or goten and gohan
Trunksie aha its because how much i love Trunks my friend came up with it and was like Your name on my phone is now Trunksie.
5.Funniest moment?
I was in My Art class when she said we could draw anything you like and be graded for it. Loving DB i chose vegeta so i said to my friend 'Im going to draw my Vegeta"
"YOURE GOING TO DRAW YOUR VAGINA?" she replied with then i had to explain the whloe DB universe to her.There is alot of funny moments in my life
6.What do you like right now?
Oversized Skelton t-shirt with slits down the back and hangs on one shoudler and some shorts :D *its sunny*
7.Whats right next to you on youre left?
My pencil pot akl a jar of marshmellow fluff i washed out and used as a pencil pot XD
8.How many comics do you own?
Youre looking at nearly 200 i go buy five every weekend :) all MARVEL
9.what would you do in you were transported into your FAV. TV show ?
Go find Trunks and have kids with him or if he wasnt availble find Goten :3
10.Anything you would change today?
Not really well i think my bedroom needsa a tidy aha but
in the world how sterotypical people are of others the world is so cruel to people who are diffrent and it shouldnt be like that
we should respect everyone! everyone has rights!
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Go check it out today! I am a dummy!
hey so things you probably didnt know about me and it thought you might aswell :D

1) Im a huge marvel and Dragonball fan as yu can probably tell.At first i was a huge LOTR fan i really liked orlando bloom but nthen i saw thor and that changed me big time.
2)Many of you probably wonder what got you into to DB? well my now ex was a big fan and his best friend would talk about it all the time his best friend gave me the first three series as a gift (which i am very thankfull of) and it just started from there.I always get asked questions like 'oh you cant like Db youre ex likes it aswell' well heres the thing just becuase were not together anymore doesent mean cant love DB its actaully my way of saying 'hey you were such a dick to me but guess what you cant stop me loving DB aha'. Im good friends with his best friend and we constantly talk about DB which i think he gets jelous of aha
3) i have mild aniexity.Dont worry its not that bad i havent had a panic attack in two months :squee:
4)I have a huge crush on trunks from DB hes so adkjashdh :drool: and goten and gohan and goku :)
5) my dream is to work at disneyworld or universal studios and then go into animation,illustration  or become an disney imagineer
6) believe it or not i can actually draw :( but im not that good at drawing my own characters :( im predicted an A+ in art
7)I live in england
8) i have amazing friends on DA:tighthug:
9) i surf XD
10) love music the killers goo goo dolls guns n roses etc.
11) my idols are walt disney, audrey hepburn, marlyn monroe, bethany hamilton and many more
12) After i broke up with my ex of 9 months i went through a really dark time i was sad constantly i would cry in lessons.There was this guy *of whom shall not be mentioned* would cheer me up we were on the phone for 2 hours at night just talking about random stuff when he told me he liked me and i tolded him i liked him back.Everyone thought we were together, we would kiss and hug and snuggle up and watch films together.i really wondered when he would ask me out.we grew apart for some reason i would draw maiden from iron maiden from him *i wish i'd kept it* for him but something was up.A friend of one of my best friends pop up on FB and said that he liked someone else and that they were round at her house.He was leading me on.Things happen for a reason i guess and im happy that happened becuase i can look forward to the future.
13) a day before we broke up my Ex told me no one will evey truely love me and that i burden everyone with my problems
14) Its my birthday soon  so lots of DB and MARVEl things yesssss !!!
15) my spelling is terrible aha
16) Thanks to anyone i mean anyone whos been on my page looked at this journal and general just looked at my gallery it means alot guys thanks :hug:
so guys as the tittle says
so no DevianArt for 2 weeks
that scares me oh god but you can still talk to me if you wish drop a comment somewhere or leave me a note
but thanks for all your comments on the last journal and that guy turned out to be liking someone else at the same time ahahahahahahahahahaha douche
but thanks guys :tighthug:

well im going to upload a chapter for Goku X reader and then im going tomorrow ._.
so bye guys i guess :tighthug: