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so as you guys have probably noticed i haven't uploaded anything in a long ass time..
This at first was due t my Finals of which i did but now I'm doing A-levels :(
It feels like im constantly revising for my finals everyday plus i work as well...
For the mean time i wont be posting on here i have a lot of chapters left to post up dont worry but i have to edit the hell out of them and 90% of the time when im on the computer its doing English literature essays or typing up and artist research.
I have chosen History,English literature and Art as my A levels.
All three of them as i have been told are the worst for extra work, English literature ask me for an essay every week and a homework every night, art follows kind of the same route and it much more time consuming.
Also i would love to have someone run AvengersAssembled whilst I'm away if you'd like to or if you're interested please comment bellow :D
I was expecting to come back here guys i really was but all this extra work plus work has hit me.
This isn't a goodbye ill still be active but in the meantime i wont be uploading for quite some time.
~My deepest apologizes,Kirsten
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September 27, 2015


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