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I have returned well kind of ...
I am curently typing this on a tablet so as you can guess the internet is down once again,
As a result of that i may be not that up to date on my X readers however i can assure you they are typed XD but carrying the usb to  the libary and uploading takes hours grr plus if theres a lemon :3
Also i may begin to upload drawings, i am very consious of this as my Drawing style differs from every drawing but i guess every artist on here started a bit like i started.I
d love to upload some of my realistic work but once again THE LIBARY OF DOOM
I have deleted loads of all junk because times have changed and i cant believe the grammer of some stuff XD so sorry  to yous
I seriously want to change my name but hey-ho.
Coursework is getting worse and worse i spend round about 3-4 hours on a sculpture that i am working on everyday ;(
In the meanwhile thank you for your patience and kindness
And leave a commment below if you can think of a good deviantart name for me aha
Bye :D
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Submitted on
May 8, 2014